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Vinyl Siding Grand Rapids, Michigan As a Grand Rapids roofing and siding contractor, Grandville Roofing and Siding offers many quality options for updating your home's exterior with siding. We offer all types of siding — including vinyl, aluminum, cedar shake, and steel siding. We are one of the few companies in West Michigan to offer steel siding. Siding is a popular choice because it is nearly maintenance free, will not rot, mildew or attract pests like wood, and is energy efficient, lasts for decades, and is available in dozens of colors and styles to match the look and feel of your home or business. Both vinyl and aluminum siding have various advantages that may be important to you. Learn more below about which siding option is better for you. The vinyl, steel and aluminum siding experts and Grandville Roofing and Siding, Inc. will be happy to talk with you and help you determine which type of siding product will work best for your business or home. Contact us at (616) 452-0805 to schedule a free estimate today!

Material: Vinyl vs. Aluminum Siding

Advantages of Vinyl Siding

  • » Due to the way color is applied to the product, vinyl siding will retain its color better if scratched or damaged; such as by children, pets, or closely located bushes and trees that may be abrasive.

  • » Vinyl siding is typically thicker than aluminum siding, making it somewhat more durable.

  • » Although it can become somewhat frail in extreme cold temperatures, vinyl siding is a better insulator than aluminum siding, which heats or cools more rapidly than vinyl.

  • » Vinyl siding can be susceptible to extremely warm temperatures as well, making it unsuitable for homes and businesses in extremely hot climates.

Advantages of Aluminum Siding

  • » Unlike vinyl siding, aluminum siding can easily be painted and will "hold" the proper exterior paint very well. This makes aluminum siding the ideal choice if you think you may wish to change the color of your home's exterior in the future. With aluminum siding, you can change the color, without needing to have your siding replaced.

  • » Also unlike vinyl siding, aluminum siding can withstand temperatures that are both very hot or very cold, making it excellent for homes or businesses that are likely to be exposed to frigid temperatures, or very warm ones.

Types of Siding

Siding has become a very popular choice for the exterior finish of both homes and commercial businesses, and for good reason. Both vinyl and aluminum siding products are longlasting, require little maintenance, and provide a clean and beautiful exterior finish. There are a few different types of siding available, including horizontal siding, which is the most popular type of siding used, particularly on residential homes, vertical siding, and shake & shingle siding. On some new construction homes, a mix of vertical and horizontal siding are used to create a unique and contemporary look.

Grand Rapids Horizontal Siding

Grand Rapids, MI SidingHorizontal siding is available in either vinyl or aluminum materials, and in a very wide variety of colors to suit your tastes. Horizontal siding is available in many different fastening systems, including tongue & groove siding, dutch lapping, traditional lapping, bevel siding, and other methods.

Grand Rapids Vertical Siding

vinyl siding grand rapids Oftentimes, vertical siding is more commonly seen on commercial or industrial buildings than on residential homes, but vertical siding is becoming a more popular choice for homes, as well as businesses. Vertical siding can also be blended with horizontal siding for a unique look.

Other Types of Siding

While horizontal or vertical vinyl and aluminum siding are the most popular — a few other types of siding also exist to help you make your home truly unique. Engineered wood siding is a good choice if you desire the look of painted wood, without the upkeep or using a wood-based product. Siding products made from fiber cement are also available, as well as traditional wood siding, log siding, and masonry siding.

Masonry Siding

vinyl siding grand rapids Masonry siding is siding made to mimic the texture and charm of brick patterns, but unlike actual brick material, masonry siding provides the look and feel of brick — without the added cost or maintenance. Traditional brick can crack, chip and break over time, and have settling problems that require repair, whereas masonry siding provides the low maintenance of traditional vinyl or aluminum siding. Masonry siding, like other types of siding materials, is available in a wide variety of color patterns and palettes for you to choose from. This type of siding is often used to bring vintage charm and character to a new, modern home; or where the owner desires the beauty of classic brick.

Log Siding

siding grand rapids Log siding is available in both full-log and half-log (half cirlce) forms, and can be used to make your home or business look like a log home or even a log cabin. Log siding is also sometimes used for businesses, including restaurants, stores, and many other applications, due to its warm and inviting finish and appeal. Log siding doesn't just have to be for your business or vacation home, however. As a homeowner, you may want to consider log siding if you enjoy the outdoors or decorating with rustic, natural or country decor and wish to add additional rustic or rural charm to your home's exterior. Many log homes are also complemented by traditional or contemporary decor and fixtures as well.